Better Beer Scores Has Closed Its Doors for The Indefinite Future

Thank You to All of Our Students, Alumni, and Supporters

It's with mixed emotions that we announce that Better Beer Scores will be on an indefinite hiatus for, as the very least, the remainder of 2016. We thank all of our students, alumni and supporters for their patronage over the past six and a half years. Keep an eye out for us in 2017!

Our website and alumni access to past recorded sessions have been taken offline as of August 8, 2016.

It's our sincerest hope that our little niche of beer education has helped each and every one of our students realize their goals of becoming BJCP-certified beer judges.

Our doors are closing for now, but others are opening - we are very excited to announce that Charlie has become a professional brewer! He is now co-owner and brewmaster for Bruz Beers in Denver, Colorado. If you're in Denver for any reason, be sure to stop in at Bruz to have a delicious, meticulously made Belgian style beer and say hello!

Thanks for a great run and we hope to see you down the road!


Charlie Gottenkieny and Geoff Humphrey